Who is AoS Coach?

Whether you’re getting started with Age of Sigmar or looking to go from good to great… we can all improve!

G’day! I’m Anthony aka the AoS Coach. I’ve played miniature wargaming since the mid-90’s, starting with Warhammer Fantasy Battles, and continues into Warhammer Age of Sigmar after the destruction of the Old World in The End Times.

AoS Coach is a channel dedicated to Matched Play & aims to help you improve your performance. You’ll find discussions focused on the various factions, interviews with interesting members of the community & analysis of the emerging meta.

I love the competitive AoS scene. I’ve played on some of the biggest & best events in the world including the Australian Masters, Adepticon, Blood & Glory, & CanCon. I also run my own annual event: Sydney GT.

I hope you find value in the channel & we cross paths are an upcoming tournament.