1 on 1 Coaching (1 Session)

$ 60.00



If you want to level up your game, it’s time to get coached by AoS Coach!

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them. – John Whitmore

You are purchasing a single 1-on-1 coaching session with myself (Anthony | AoS Coach) with the duration of 50 minutes. We can use this time to work through the following Age of Sigmar challenges;

    • List build for an upcoming event
    • Work through deployment, battle tactic selection, or various other in game situations.
    • Understand the current competitive meta
    • Post-event review of prior games
    • Skills practice within Tabletop Simulator (scenario based)
    • Work through any other challenge (just message me in advance to discuss)

Logistics & Administration

To make the most of your coaching session/s you (the purchaser) should come to the session with a goal in mind. What is the purpose of the session? What would you like to achieve in this time? What information can you share with your coach to get to the root problem sooner? The more you can share the deeper our sessions can be.

Coaching sessions must be set up in advance and in a mutually beneficial time for both of our time zones. I’m in Sydney, Australia. I like talking about Warhammer but not at 1am.

Life sometimes gets in the way and I’m flexible with rescheduling with advance notice. Rescheduling must happen with more than 24hrs or the session may be considered forfeited.

Coaching will take place on Discord on a private call.