October 2021 Update

I don’t know what your October looked like but mine was fast paced and plenty going on. Lockdown ended for me after 14 odd weeks (or maybe more, time seemed to not have any meaning), Armies on Parade were due, Stormcast and Orruks got their FAQ update and normally it finally setting in with haircuts and gym.


10 new videos were produced over the month with a mix of tactical videos, live discussions and even a restream reaction show for Warhammer Day. I’m most proud of the Terrain Masterclass with The Terrain Tutor. Not only is my guest Mel an absolute legend but it was also an insightful video to anyone looking to make terrain or a display board. Here is what came out over the month;


This months content will be a little lighter now that lockdown has come to an end. I tried to ramp up between July-Oct while I was housebound and I’m happy to say that we have discussion videos for every faction now.

Fear not, this isn’t the new standard moving forward. I’m just making up for lost time in November by registering for 2x 1 day events + running a 1 dayer. That’s a lot of IRL Sigmar!

So far I’ve got 3 discussions booked and I’m actively looking at booking more. I’d like to revisit Soulblight with a couple of discussions as well as a few videos for Orruk Warclans and Stormcast Eternals. That’ll come over November & Decemeber.

Speaking of December, I’ll have 3 weeks off work from late Dec to mid Jan so I’m sure we’ll get a heap of videos including new concepts I wanted to do for a while. Anyway, here is what is booked so far;

I’d like to film 1-2 more How to Defeat videos this month. Likely Archaon as well as Mega-Gargants or another God tier model.


As always, the YouTube video end credits and episode description thank you continue to be updated as supporters move. If you are wondering how the names are ordered: they are listed by Patreon overall contributions which acknowledges both tier level AND duration


If you didn’t already know, AoS Coach has a Discord and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome: https://discord.gg/xVAks8q . We have over 3,200 members and as a Patreon I’ll grant you permission to our private room. If you aren’t already tagged Patronage… let me know.


I’ve submitted my Armies on Parade board in the final hours. It was a labour of love that took many many many azyrite ruin kits being cut up, green stuff and built up to be a ruined temple. Wish me luck at the end of the month for the awards ceremony.