September 2021 Update

G’day & welcome to the monthly update for the AoS Coach patronage. A lot has happened on the channel and there has been light at the end of the tunnel for my lockdown. I’m double vaccinated, will come out of lockdown by mid-October, and even locked in my first 1 dayer in November. Great success!


13 videos in September! Not bad for a creator which isn’t a fulltime YouTuber. I’ve been really focused on getting a look at getting early thoughts on every army in 3rd Edition and I’m coming to an end thanks to a laser focus in August & September. Here is what happened over the month;


I’m looking to wrap up the first thoughts series with Talkin’ Flesh Eater Courts, and Fyreslayers, Gloomspite Gitz. New Stormcast & Orruk discussions will happen once the FAQ’s are out, so hopefully end of October or early November.

I have a few ideas on what I’d like to film in October including a topic series which I think is relevant in our current meta. Let me know if you’ve got a suggestion on what you’d like to see on the channel.


As always, the YouTube video end credits and episode description thank you continue to be updated as supporters move. If you are wondering how the names are ordered: they are listed by Patreon overall contributions which acknowledges both tier level AND duration


If you didn’t already know, AoS Coach has a Discord and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome: . We have over 3,000 members and as a Patreon I’ll grant you permission to our private room. If you aren’t already tagged Patronage… let me know.


The audio only AoS Coach content is up to date. The podcast is no different to the videos available on YouTube, however; the Patreon’s asked for this to be created for those who can’t always listen to YouTube. Perhaps you listen to me while you work, hit the gym, commute or even make whoopie. I’m not judging but it’s all updated on your favourite podcast platforms.


October is Armies on Parade month so I’m working towards my Cult of Pleasure entry.  To give you overview (I’ve written a bunch of lore but I’ll save you my story) it’s a Slaanesh corrupted force which draws from an old Warhammer Fantasy Battles army from the Storm of Chaos where Morathi & Slaanesh had a Dark Pact.