EP21 Mental Health & Hobby – Down Under Sigmar

Down Under Sigmar: Episode #21

The Coach (Anthony) & The Villain (Liam) are joined by Mr Mephisto. In the topic of the week we will explore a very important topic: Mental Health. The festive season can be a challenging time for people who are suffering mental health issues. Loneliness, stress & depression are just 3 of the many things that can rear up.

Many people like my guests use the Warhammer hobby to improve the quality of their lives. We hope this show will provide a practice guide to help people on their mental health journeys, build awareness around the challenges, and remind you that you’re not alone.

00:00:00 – 00:39:00 – Introduction & Around the Grounds
00:39:00 – END – Mental Health & Hobby 

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Character Credits: art contributed by @JonScrivens. Hit him up on Twitter for your own character!