Generals Handbook 2020 Points Changes Part #1

**this is an auto-extract from YouTube ( which includes visuals**


In this video I’m going to highlight the matched play points increase and decreases found in the latest Generals Handbook. Observant players will notice that many of the changes in the Generals Handbook are changes which were made in December 2019’s FAQ, so I’ll focus on what’s changed since that update. If you’re interested in the changes to matched play you’ll find another video on this channel about them.


2:31 Generic endless spells and FW 3:54 Beasts of chaos 4:30 Blades of Korne 5:19 Hedonites of Slaanesh 6:47 Maggotkin of Nurgle 7:38 Skaven 8:42 DoK 9:24 Idoneth Deepkin 10:26 Fyrelayers 11:16 Stormcast eternals 14:23 Sylvaneth 15:11 FEC – No changes 15:20 Legions of Nagash 16:34 Nighthaunt 17:37 Gloomspite Gitz 18:29 Sons of Behemat


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