Age of Sigmar Podcast Creators

The 0-5 Podcast

New Age of Sigmar podcast that’s NSFW

AoS Coach

I hope you know who I am by now…

Bad Dice

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast

Bush Radio

An Age of Sigmar podcast presented by Measured Gaming – A competitive gaming club located in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Combat Phase

Combat Phase is a weekly podcast celebrating miniature-wargaming. Hosts Kenny and Wargamer Shawn grow the hobby community and bring excellent resources to listeners around the world.

Cubic Shenanigans

A Warhammer 40K & Age Of Sigmar Podcast

The Dwellers Below

The home of The Dwellers Below


Three friends talk about their favourite game and all the happenings of the mortal realms.


UK based Warhammer Age of Sigmar podcast.

The Failed Charge

Warhammer (age of sigmar & 40k) and hobby podcast


A Warhammer: Age of Sigmar podcast featuring news, reviews, rumors and updates about Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, brought to you twice a month by David Witek. 

Heralds of War

Heralds of War is the premier Australian Age of Sigmar podcast

Hobby Headspace

Short form podcast talking about how we spend our time in the margins of daily life. Gaming, Art, Fitness, Sports, whatever you do, let’s chat hobby

The Honest Wargamer

Podcast by The Honest Wargamer


Justplay’s Ian and Ritchie discuss Age of Sigmar!

Legends Of The Painty Men

Comedians John Roy and Andrew DeWitt nerd out about what drew them into Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, Games Workshop modelling and their philosophies on gaming.

The Mitzy and Jimbo Show

Mitzy and Jimbo will be bringing viewers a regular slice of Warhammer Age of Sigmar content. We’ll be chatting about this great hobby along with covering events, sharing hobby techniques and generally rambling on about all things AOS.

The Mortal Realms

A Warhammer: Age of Sigmar Narrative Podcast

Mortally Wounded

An Australian Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast

Notorious Age of Sigmar

An Age of Sigmar podcast, coming at you from New Zealand. Big Shaun and little Shaun talk events, games, battletomes and drinking!

Pro Painted

An Age of Sigmar Podcast, focusing on painting, hobby tips & UK tournaments.

Priority Roll

An Age of Sigmar podcast from sunny England! List tech, meta chat and hobby goodness! We discuss the enduring nature of Warhammer and the changing character of the meta.

Rage of Sigmar

We literally talk shit to each other and then glaze over the fact that we play some Warhammer. Prepare yourself for disappointment


RantCast is a long form Age of Sigmar Podcast that dives down all the nerd adjacent rabbit holes that accompany this fantastic game. A weekly guest joins the Omni-Nerd himself, Mr. Mephisto

Realm & Ruin

We are a podcast that covers the latest Warhammer news and lore discussions mainly from the 40k and Age of Sigmar universes, with a dash of history from the World-That-Was and Horus Heresy.

Rolling Bad

A dedicated Age of Sigmar podcast from the Southwest United States. Your hosts cover all things Age of Sigmar with different features every show. Hobby, painting, tabletop tactics, opinions and a few laughs along the way. We also will cover the US Southwest convention scene.


Join the Warhammer Community team, and special guests, for our new regular podcast for all fans of the Mortal Realms. Every other week, we’ll be bringing you an hour of insights, lore and chat with a variety of guests, all hosted by Warhammer TV’s own Wade

Strength Hammer

A podcast about Fitness, Health, and Warhammer.

Tales of Sigmar

A UK Warhammer Age of Sigmar Podcast. – Product Reviews, Hobby Progress, Tournament Reports

Take The Charge

A fastbreak of a podcast that’s all about the little things that make Warhammer Age of Sigmar amazing. Join Tomb King Tristan in exploring the minutia of the lore, hobby and competition.

Two Dudes Rolling Twos

An Age of Sigmar competitive podcast from two gents to help others gain insight and knowledge into the competitive side of the Warhammer hobby.

Wide World of Wargaming

A new podcast covering multiple tabletop wargaming systems at the highest level