Women in Warhammer


Join Jemma (@failedcharge), Christine (@hookandpinweb), Emma Basc and I as we discuss Women in Warhammer. International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March 2020 and we want to celebrate to take this opportunity to chat with the women in the various aspects of our hobby.

With more females joining our glorious hobby I want to know what brought them into Warhammer, what keeps them going, what they’d like to see in the hobby, and their thoughts on how you might encourage your partner to get involved or include more women at your next event/tournament.

*NOTE* This discussion isn’t about blaming men or gate keeping within the hobby.

  • Some Of Our Favourite Women In The Hobby (No Order);
  • @drkelfsorceress (twitter)
  • @LuckySixes (twitter)
  • @hookandpinweb (twitter)
  • @purplemonkey790 (twitter)
  • @kurishi (twitter)
  • @blood_medusa (twitter)
  • @chickpaints88 (twitter)
  • @hobbyistgirl (twitter)
  • @dana_howl (twitter)
  • @JewelKnightJess (twitter)
  • @GenPaint (twitter)
  • @bambilegsmeg (twitter)
  • @hookandpinweb (twitter)
  • @Sughammer (twitter)
  • @ladybminiatures
  • @thatterigirl (twitter)
  • Partners at War: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyutPntqWyFx5dBlIH0itBQ?fbclid=IwAR2wF7sG2vzIMruP-QmLsMxWL5QXAln1f-sY-f3ylWgCM8LB0SeRB6lWGZE