Almost August?!

I don’t know about you but I swear working from home just blends the days and weeks together. How on earth are we almost in August? Anyway, I owe you an update!

Formal Patreon Video Appreciation

About 30-60 days ago I started to include this video roll at the end of every video as my way to show gratitude for your continual support.

If you are wondering how the list is ordered, it’s based on Patreon level then historical dollar contribution. As new Patreon’s join, I update the video. Thank you again for your ongoing support!

Technology Enhancements

Since the last update I’ve used the Patreon contributions to make a few enhancements. I have upgraded my video editing software to Filamore 9, I’ve bought a new light box to share hobby progress on Twitter & Discord, picked a chromakey/green screen for a future project and today ordered a new webcam. While the Logitech c920 has done well for me for 2.5 years, it’s time to increase the quality of video.


Between June-July ‘20 the channel hit a number of big milestones. In June it reached 5,000 subscribers (as if today it’s 5,400), and in July the videos have generated over 325,000 views. Very soon I’ll have uploaded 150 videos which is crazy.

Video’s & Schedule

Now that the Generals Handbook 2020 has been released, I’ll be looking to schedule a bunch of discussions. If there is a specific army you think needs some love, let me know.

Over the last few months I’ve uploaded a bunch of discussions either about the GHB20, list discussions like my recent chat about Lumineth Realm Lord list building, or other topics that might interest you such as 5 years of AoS, sportsmanship, and kitbashing & concerting.

On the schedule I have an Asian Warhammer themed discussion in 3 weeks which I’m excited about. I’ve got another Lumineth list building show to do focused on the battle cattle, and want to continue revisiting older army builds in the Talkin’ series.

I’ll start to lock in some shows and share a schedule update with you in August.

Other Stuff

All things are going well my way. I’m preparing for my annual tournament which is scheduled for October, however; where I live has seen a 2nd wave spike of COVID recently. We’ll see how we go at suppressing the cases and with any luck, I can continue to run my event otherwise I need to push it into 2021.

I mentioned that I’m working from home and I’m fortunate that I’m able to do my day job remotely. Next week I start my boxing training up again which I’m looking forward too. Most of my hobby has focused on Cities of Sigmar as well as a Sons of Behemat display board.

As always, I hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy. If you’re not already in the Discord, I highly recommend you join ( We have over 500 members now across the world which has been amazing to connect with so many of you, see your hobby, and talk about various things.