May Update

Upcoming Schedule

I’m currently in the process of scheduling the upcoming videos for June ’20. I’m speaking with a few other people on topics, however; here is a sneak peak…

All of these shows will be uploaded as a podcast 7-10 days after they were initially recorded.

Channel Enhancements

Thanks to your ongoing support I will be making an additional investment into the channel. The first investment I’ve just ordered two Elgato Key Light’s which will improve the quality of the video aesthetics. 

The next investments I’ll be making in the near future is some video editing software. One of the reasons I haven’t recorded my Introduction to Age of Sigmar series is because I don’t believe I have the right software to make the video that I think the topic deserves. 

AoS Coach YouTube channel is 50 subscriptions away from hitting 5,000 which is a huge milestone. I might need to celebrate… any ideas?

Dice Bag

Keep some of your hobby dollars aside because in the coming month or so I’ll be setting up a limited edition run of AoS Coach dice bags. I’m currently working with a talent graphic designer to create something special and partnered with a dice bag manufacture who will bring it all to life. I’m not planning on holding inventory so once we’re ready to go, I’ll open orders up for a few weeks for a limited run.


I’ve been sharing plenty of hobby photos in the Discord channel ( I’m working hard behind the scene for my tournament that I’m running in October which includes 3D printing about 400 pieces of terrain like these wild mushrooms.

My personal hobby has been working on Cities of Sigmar while I wait for Sons of Behemat (Gargants) including a Dreadlord on Black Dragon using the Carmine Dragon, Scourgerunner chariots using the High Elf Lion chariots, and a few more rocket batteries.