Thanks To You: Discord Server Boosted

Hi All,

I hope you’re all doing well, safe, healthy, and stocked up with toilet paper. I wanted to provide a small update since I spent some of the Patreon monies.

The AoS Coach Discord has been going off like a frog in a sock so I’ve put some money behind it to improve the audio & video quality. People have been jumping in while they hobby to chat with others online, keeping them company while we’re physically distancing, and learning about each other. It’s been really enjoyable learning about you all.

The Discord server has been boosted for the next 12 months thank to your ongoing patronage. 

We also saw Audam & Rocco live stream Age of Sigmar through Tabletop Simulator live on the Discord. It was so great that I’ve picked up my copy in Steam and plan to learn how to use it.

Finally, I’m putting the final touches on Emerging Meta March & will be recording this weekend on Faction Focus Tzeentch. I’ll also put the audio of my discussion with Martin Orlando about creating great display boards up as a podcast soon.