March ’20 Update

Hasn’t the world changed since my last update! I hope you all are safe, healthy, and have plenty of hobby to keep you busy in these challenging times.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to share an update on what’s happening in my world;


Firstly, I want to thank you again for your continued support.

In this economically challenging time I want to share with you that it’s ok if you decide to not longer support the channel in the future. Nothing will change in our relationship and I will continue to create as much valuable Age of Sigmar content as I can schedule. I don’t know how Covid-19 has impacted you and your family… but know that it’s ok to reduce, suspend or cancel your support.

It is important to keep interacting with your communities as we attempt to socially distance ourselves, so I want to invite you into the AoS Coach Discord channel if you’re not already apart of it. 

What’s Happened On The Channel

I’ve had a busy couple of weeks working on (what I think is) interesting topics including discussions on Women in Warhammer, Warhammer narrative & lore, Emerging Meta and (finally) the Flesh Eater Courts faction focus. 

I’ve soft launched the AoS Coach website which includes a selection of merchandise, and continue to expand the podcast for people who aren’t always able to access YouTube.

What’s To Come On The Channel

Prior to Covid-19 I had a tournament scheduled almost every month until July… that’s obviously changed.

While we all have more time to hobby, I’ll be focusing on more ways to keep connected to the community through YouTube and Discord. On Discord, we are already having regular audio hangouts with whoever is online at the time. It’s very organic but has been loads of fun getting to know everyone. Sadly while everyone is hobbying, I’m normally working.

I’ll be looking to schedule more interesting discussions like the recent discussion with 2+ Tough (Doug), and more regular hobby hangouts. I might have found a way to integrate the live audio feed from Discord so others can join me while I’m live on YouTube. Just another reason why you want to be on Discord. 

I’ll also need to record an updated version of Disciples of Tzeentch & Seraphon faction focuses.

Outside Of The Channel

I’ve been working from home almost daily for the last few weeks which has been a unique challenge. On one hand it’s been great to spend more time at home, hang out with my dog, and sneak in Warhammer during breaks or on conference calls. On the other hand is that it gets boring being at home constantly. 

I run a yearly tournament which attracts around 100 players each year which is scheduled in October. I’ve been making more terrain to ensure we have great tables. I think I built 50+ Azyrite Ruins this week alone!