Long Overdue Update

Sorry for the long stretch between updates. Every year in Australia, all eyes turn toward CanCon for the worlds largest Age of Sigmar event. This event is our annual pilgrimage and it takes a lot of my focus getting an army painted, practised, as well as build up a display board with terrain. 

Thank you to everyone who continues to support this channel. So far you have created the podcast platform, helped purchase new equipment, and fund new content. So… now the promised update;


The Empire / Freeguild is my first and true love… and with a new battletome there is no way I was taking anything else. Magic has always been a draw card for me all the way back to the College of Magic in The Empire’s capital of Altdorf so it was fitting to take Hallowheart. 

218 players finished the 6 game tournament at CanCon and I would end 52nd with 4 wins and 2 losses, as well as being voted 3rd Coolest Army which got me this sweet ForgeWorld exclusive trophy. 

The display board was an opportunity to find my space in the Mortal Realms as I developed the narrative of Nultdorf (or New Altdorf) which is situated in the Opal Isle of Aqshy, acts as an entry point to the Flamscar Plateau and is the primary research centre for the Imperial Colleges of Magic.

The armies that I faced were: Ogor Mawtribes > Nighthaunt > Skaven > Kharadon Overlords > Nurgle > Ossiarch Bonereapers


Now that Christmas & CanCon have passed I can get back to schedule for producing content. 

Late last year I kicked off a new series of videos called Emerging Meta which has been wildly successful. I didn’t know how the community would initially respond to a data driven video. I’ll keep producing monthly videos as long as people find them valuable.

I recently recorded an updated Faction Focus Kharadon Overlords video to align with the new book. I have FF Slaves To Darkness scheduled for next week andddddd with the sun, moon and stars aligning will have FF Flesh Eater Courts completed in January… maybe FF Tzeentch too.

In order to catch up on the backlog of Faction Focuses I’ve temporarily suspended Down Under Sigmar for February. My wives birthday falls on the date of one of the shows, and the fortnight after is our first date anniversary which only reinforced the suspension.

Once we’ve caught up on the new battletomes I have a few plans with that unlocked capacity. The first is the previously mentioned Getting Started Into Age of Sigmar series.

December hosted the first Hobby Hangout on YouTube which people seemed to enjoy so I’ll look to get that set up in February and reoccurring each month.


If you didn’t already know there is an AoS Coach Discord server that’s been set up for a few months now. Please message me if you don’t already have the link.

Midwest Meltdown & Grudges

I’m coming to America in July! I’ll be travelling over to the West Coast for a friends wedding, however; I’ll be ending the trip with the Midwest Meltdown tournament in Illinois. Let me know if you are coming to the event. I’ll be playing in the doubles event as well as the singles tournament. 

I’ll be also heading over to South Australia to play at SAGT in March, possibly the ANZAC Cup in April, and Sydney Slaughter in June. You’ll see WSorran & Kenny have both grudged me for Round #1 at the respective tournaments. If we’re playing at the same tournament in the future I’d love to set up a grudge match.

Make sure to join the Discord so we can continue the conversation.