Christmas Special

Two updates in one month? Must be the festive season!

Patreon Rewards

It’s been a long time coming, however; I’ve posted everybody who qualifies for a Patreon reward a set of AoS Coach stickers which includes some of the emojis from our Discord. Stick them on your miniatures carry case, on your car, or wherever you like… I’m not your Dad.

I really like these AoS stickers and will be looking to get more AoS emojis made up in 2021. If you like them, it might be something I can continue making as stickers and sending out as rewards to Patreon’s. Let me know your thoughts. 

Christmas Hangout

I know the Christmas period can be tough for people, and perhaps more so this year where you may not be able to see your friends and family. I’ve set up a YouTube stream for Christmas Day / Boxing Day (depending on your region) as a bit of a Warhammer hangout.

Without spoiling the surprise I have planned, this won’t be a normal hobby hangout where you just watch me paint and we chat. If you are free at the scheduled time I’d love to have you hanging out. Set the Reminder on the upcoming show.

What Is Coming Up

Broken Realms Morathi has kept me busy with list talks with some pretty amazing community members who are subject matter experts with their army. I can only assume we will get another book in January. That’s pure speculation, I’m not giving you insider information here 😁. 

My workplace is shutting down for 3 weeks over the Christmas period so I’ll be looking to take advantage of my new found freedom. I do want to record the next Getting Started video’s, I’d like to create a few more short What Is videos, record a Tournament Organiser video on running a Grand Tournament, as well as a few other ideas. Once we get the Broken Realms FAQ I’ll set up a Talkin’ Stormcast. 

Still to come is Talkin’ Har Kuron with Cinderfall Gaming, Talkin’ Sons of Behemat with Vince Venturella and Talkin’ Daughters of Khaine (part 2) with Chuck Moore.

I’m attempting to publish the schedule in advance and you should have noticed this image popping up in YouTube, Twitter and/or Facebook;

Maybe Not As Exciting Investment

Your Patreon support doesn’t just let me live like a rockstar splashing cash on boats and mansions, I do invest it back into the channel. Recently I added two new pieces of technology to the channel: a scanner to help me bring all the new rules like Broken Realms into videos for list discussions, and an Elgato StreamDeck. 

The StreamDeck is a flash piece of technology that Twitch streamers love to use. It’s not integrated YET into my streaming software, however; they’ve recently announced an integration soon. So you might see some flash transitions or other things once I get this StreamDeck up and running.

What Have I Been Up To

There is always plenty going on with me. Not only have I been smashing the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the PS5 but I’ve also started up a new Daughters of Khaine army which I’m doing for Armies on Parade 2021 as well as recently run a 1 day Age of Sigmar event called Sigmas. It was mostly an opportunity to bring 30 players together for some Warhammer before Christmas. It’s been a while since I’d seen my community.