January 2021 Update

Welcome New Patrons

Thank you to everyone who has recently joined AoS Coach on Patreon or continues to support the channel. I’m eternally grateful each and every month that you choose to contribute. I hope you’ve been seeing the improvements over the channel and your money put to work.

As always, anytime a Patreon joins or modifies their support levels…  the End Credits & YouTube channel description thank you will be updated. The credits are ordered first by Tier level then total support.


What a massive month of content for the YouTube channel. With a few weeks away from work and no FAQ in sight for most of January, I took the opportunity to explore some different type of content. We celebrated my Birthday with a quiz show, I stayed up until 3am live reacting to the Warhammer Preview, and got to interview a legendary Black Library author in Aaron Dembski-Bowden;


Speaking of the FAQ, we got clarity on Broken Realms: Morathi as well as what points would be adjusted until GHB21 (spoiler, there were none) so I can schedule more list discussions! Here is a taste of what is coming on the channel;

I’ve got a few other items to work on as well but you can always find upcoming shows on my YouTube home page, and I’ll endeavour to make a weekly post between Twitter/YouTube Community/Discord on what’s coming up.


Speaking of Discord, as a Patreon you’ll be given a special role and access to a private room. If you aren’t on AoS Coach Discord I invite you to join us: https://discord.gg/xVAks8q . Please let me know if you haven’t been given the  ‘Patronage’ tag and I’ll sort that out.