May 2021 Update

Do you smell it… 3rd Edition Age of Sigmar is in the air. AoS Coach’s channel was still in it’s infancy when AoS transitioned from 1st to 2nd edition and I might have only just cracked the 1,000 subscriber mark.

Over 2nd Edition the channel grew up a lot and in May ’21 had passed the 10,000 subscriber mark which was a massive milestone to accomplish, and it’s been YOUR support that’s helped make it possible. So how am I going to celebrate this important YouTuber milestone?

10,000 Subscriber Celebration

I’ll be hosting a 10,000 Subscriber Celebration this weekend to show my appreciation. You can find the local timing for your location on the 10,000 Subscriber YouTube video link. I’ll be running a few rounds of Warhammer trivia where you respond using the YouTube chat. Up for grabs will be Games Workshop vouchers for the Top 3 in each round of trivia + randomly drawn luck dip with AoS Coach stickers.

If you’re not able to make it due to time zones or prior commitments, fear not, I’ll be doing more sticker prizes in the Discord. 


A lot happened in May;


The rough plan for June will be to wrap up the list discussions for Soulblight Gravelords & Broken Realms Kragnos, depending on when they receive their FAQ. Any day now that FAQ for BR Be’lakor will drop and I can schedule 2 Nighthaunt shows and Legion of the First Prince.

I’m guessing sometime in June or July that 3rd Edition will drop so I’ll scale back the videos a little so I can get my head around the changes, break them down, and release a heap of videos. 

With your patronage I will be aiming to take some time off work to break down AoS 3e. Guess it depends really how much has changed.


As always, the YouTube video end credits and episode description thank you continue to be updated as supporters move. If you are wondering how the names are ordered: they are listed by Patreon tier highest to lowest then sorted by duration as a Patreon.


If you didn’t already know, AoS Coach has a Discord and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome: . We have over 2,000 members and as a Patreon I’ll grant you permission to our private room. If you aren’t already tagged Patronage… let me know. 


I said last month that on 10,000 subscribers I would be launching AoS Coach merchandise… and it’s here: 

This is a print on-demand merchandise store which ships from the USA & EU. The benefit is that I don’t have to hold inventory and it’s easy to create new designs. I’ve started with an initial range and will continue to expand it over time. The goal will include custom designs with slogans and/or characters.

What about the dice? Dice will be coming soon… they’re in my hands, I’ve packed them up, and once I’m comfortable I understand shipping to all countries at the best price, I’ll launch. That is like a week away probably. I’ll make another post and you’ll get first dibs at them. 

The dice will be housed on a different website because I’ll be physically handling your order. Unfortunately, this means if you want both a shirt & dice you’ll need to pay 2 sets of shipping. I don’t have the shirts, they don’t have the dice. 


On the 13-14th June, I’ll be attending Sydney Slaughter which is a 70 player matched play event that’ll be using Anvils of Apotheosis. I’ve decided to take out my Gloomspite Gitz in the spirit of a custom hero. You’ll get to hear more about it in an upcoming Tournament Recap video. Wish me luck!