August ’20 Update: Schedule + Dice Bag + Rewards


I’m back scheduling regular live content now that we have a new Generals Handbook so I’ve put together a road map of what you’ll see in the near future. 

I have a few other videos lined up including Talkin’ Slaanesh, exploring the new Squig rules from White Dwarf, and might FINALLY get a record of my Introduction to Age of Sigmar video that I’ve been working on for months. I tried to record it last week but lost my voice mid-record. SIGH

If there is something you’d like to see explored… let me know in the comments.

Dice Bag

The prototype AoS Coach dice bag has been made and I’m pretty excited. It’s being shipped to me in the coming days from the United States. I’ve partnered up with Greyed Out dice bags (who I previously bought a pretty sweet Bad Moon bag from) and will set-up a limited run. 

Once I’ve received the prototype, I’ll look at setting up a 4 week window where you can place your order with Greyed Out. I’ll announce more information in the near future.

Patreon Rewards

COVID-19 has made it hard for me to post out Patreon rewards, however; Australia is slowly gaining access to the rest of the world again. You might recall 2 months ago I updated the channel logo so I’ll be sending new logo stickers out.

  • New Patreons: I’ll be aiming to get your welcome packs out to everyone who has qualified for their rewards in September. 
  • OG Patreons: If you have already received a welcome pack, I’ll be aiming to send another pack to you in September which will include the new logo and something special for your ongoing support.

I’ll also include two new stickers: Cool Stormcast & Love Squig. Both of these emoji’s are exclusive reactions in the Discord and thought it would be a fun addition to your carry case.


…and as always, if you haven’t joined the AoS Coach Community Discord server I’d love to have you involved: