October ’20 Update

How is it seriously October already?! Here is what has happening and about to happen on the channel;

Dice Bag Launch

A few months ago I started the process of developing the first official AoS Coach merchandise: a dice bag. It’s been a long time in the making and COVID slowed down the prototype reaching me for quality assurance. Long story short, I love it and it’s officially launched. It is a pre-order window for 2-3 weeks so if it is something you want, I recommend jumping in now;

 🛒 AoS Coach Dice Bag No Pockets: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/879405229/aos-coach-dice-bag-no-pockets  

🛒AoS Coach Dice Bag with Five Pockets: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/878991869/aos-coach-dice-bag-with-five-pockets  

🛒 AoS Coach Mega Dice Bag: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/878472101/aos-coach-mega-dice-bag 

Patreon Thank You Updated

The Patreon thank you end credits has been updated to reflect the latest supports. If you’re wondering how this list is organised it’s based on Tier Level then Historical contribution. 

Upcoming Content

Probably cheating here because these two videos are coming up  in the next 48hrs. I’ll be chatting with HeyWoah about Ogors Mawtribes as well as a hobby hangout. 

I’m thinking of October having a Tournament Organiser focus… not the only content but looking to get a few live discussions happening. I’ve got some ideas on list discussions too but I’m cautiously watching for the impacts of the upcoming Broken Realms.

Previously Released

In September you might have noticed the live content slowed down. I wanted to take a step back, try some new content which is better as pre-recorded, and practice video editing. We did have a great hobby focused discussion with Oscar Lars which I highly recommend checking out if you want to improve your hobby.

I’ll be expanding out the “What Is/Are” series and aiming to have 1 published per week in addition to any other live or pre-recorded content.


After months of planning and testing, I’m happy to share that the first Introduction into AoS video will be coming in the fortnight. It’s currently being edited. 

One of my first AoS videos were focused on getting new people into the hobby and almost 3 years later, that video has become dated… despite being popular.

I’m revisiting this video and hopefully breaking it down into easy to understand content that a new player can build their knowledge without being overwhelmed.