December Update

Where has this year gone?! 

With one final month in 2019 before we kick into 2020, I wanted to give everyone an insight into the channel and what’s coming up. Thank you again for continuing your patronage, it’s truly appreciated;

2,500 YouTube Subscribers

Last week the channel hit 2,500 YouTube subscribers which I appreciate & humbled by the level of support. Thank you Paterons who help make this possible.

Hobby Hangout

Starting in December, I’ll schedule a monthly hobby hangout session with will be hopefully timezone friendly for the USA & UK. It’ll be a chance for you to hobby along, ask questions, and generally hang out. I’m sure as it evolves I’ll set up topics… but until then it’ll be more AMA.

Patreon Rewards

I should be expecting the acrylic accessories to arrive at my house in the next week, and will aim to get them to you for Christmas. This will be sent out to Patreon’s who have met their tier requirements.

Emerging Meta

I’ll be piloting a monthly series focused on the emerging meta in Age of Sigmar, using the data from the lists generated in AoS Reminders. I’m hoping it will be a short & punchy video which will highlight key trends for you to consider in your list building or to prepare for at your next gaming event. Stay tuned!

Faction Focus

I’ve scheduled Faction Focus Ogor Mawtribes & the long awaited Nighthaunt video for December. After these videos all I have left to complete is Flesh Eater Courts & update videos as battletomes are re-released. With that capacity unlocked, I’ll be able to focus more on the AoS Beginners Guide series.