April 2021 Update


I’ve been talking about the Quest for 10k YouTube subs for a few months now. and it’s so close I can taste it. As at writing this it’s less than 700 subscribers away from unlocking ‘YouTube Bronze’.

To celebrate the milestone I’ll be setting up a merchandise store which will initially kick off with designs inspired by the Discord emojis, AoS Coach branded dice for sale, and a celebration trivia stream where I’ll give away prizes too. 

I recently placed the order with the dice manufacturer and will work out pricing including international postage costs. 

As a thank you for being amazing Patreon’s I’ll also set you up with a discord coupon on the dice. More information will communicated once that’s all sorted.


April was a weird month for me with 2 Broken Realms books dropping while I waited for Daughters of Khaine + Hedonites of Slaanesh to receive their FAQ. Moving to a 4 week FAQ has really reduced the speed in outputting the Talkin’ videos, however; I don’t plan on compromising the videos prior to an FAQ in case something we talk about changes that’ll impact the future value of the video. I’m essentially trading early clicks for accuracy. 

Anyway, here are the videos that I put out in April;


Nothing is scheduled YET but this is the calm before the storm… because the updated Lumineth Realm-Lords battletome + Broken Realms Teclis FAQ is expected to drop in early May. 

I’ll be revisiting Lumineth with their new units and rules as well as getting some list discussions happening with Cities of Sigmar Settlers Gain & Maggotkin of Nurgle. I’m not quiet sure if the BR Teclis updates to FEC or OBR are worth discussing in a list show. 

Towards the end of May we will likely see the FAQ for BR Be’lakor so I’ll start looking to set up chats for Legion of the First Prince, Nighthaunt (2 shows), and Seraphon. 

There is a chance we will get Soulblight Gravelords and/or Broken Realms Kragnos in May so I’ll also need to be flexible if I want to keep my sanity and get a preview published.

I do have a few other videos I’d like to record in May like the next tournament recap for Brizhammer (more info below) and a few others that I’ve been slowly scripting out. If I sneak them into the content schedule it’ll likely be in the first 2 weeks of May before these FAQ’s drop.


As always, the YouTube video end credits and episode description thank you continue to be updated as supporters move. If you are wondering how the names are ordered: they are listed by Patreon tier highest to lowest then sorted by duration as a Patreon. 


If you didn’t already know, AoS Coach has a Discord and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome: https://discord.gg/xVAks8q . We have over 1,700 members and as a Patreon I’ll grant you permission to our private room. If you aren’t already tagged Patronage… let me know.


The Sons of Behemat will be back out on the tabletop on 1st & 2nd May for Brizhammer Chaotic. It’s an 80 player event that I’ll be flying up to Brisbane (90 min) to attend with the same list I took to Vic GT.

The tournament is themed Chaos and has additional prize support for top performing Chaos players. This might mean I’ll see more chaos opponents than usual. 

I’m aiming to do another post-event battle report like I did with VicGT along with player interviews after the game. With a solid performance at either Brizhammer or Sydney Slaughter in June, I quiet possibly could be invited to the Australian Masters which is rather funny. I’m playing with “the worst battletome ever written” after all.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody!  I hope you have a happy and healthy holidays. I put together a short 🎄🎅🎁Message.

Christmas Special

Two updates in one month? Must be the festive season!

Patreon Rewards

It’s been a long time coming, however; I’ve posted everybody who qualifies for a Patreon reward a set of AoS Coach stickers which includes some of the emojis from our Discord. Stick them on your miniatures carry case, on your car, or wherever you like… I’m not your Dad.

I really like these AoS stickers and will be looking to get more AoS emojis made up in 2021. If you like them, it might be something I can continue making as stickers and sending out as rewards to Patreon’s. Let me know your thoughts. 

Christmas Hangout

I know the Christmas period can be tough for people, and perhaps more so this year where you may not be able to see your friends and family. I’ve set up a YouTube stream for Christmas Day / Boxing Day (depending on your region) as a bit of a Warhammer hangout.

Without spoiling the surprise I have planned, this won’t be a normal hobby hangout where you just watch me paint and we chat. If you are free at the scheduled time I’d love to have you hanging out. Set the Reminder on the upcoming show.

What Is Coming Up

Broken Realms Morathi has kept me busy with list talks with some pretty amazing community members who are subject matter experts with their army. I can only assume we will get another book in January. That’s pure speculation, I’m not giving you insider information here 😁. 

My workplace is shutting down for 3 weeks over the Christmas period so I’ll be looking to take advantage of my new found freedom. I do want to record the next Getting Started video’s, I’d like to create a few more short What Is videos, record a Tournament Organiser video on running a Grand Tournament, as well as a few other ideas. Once we get the Broken Realms FAQ I’ll set up a Talkin’ Stormcast. 

Still to come is Talkin’ Har Kuron with Cinderfall Gaming, Talkin’ Sons of Behemat with Vince Venturella and Talkin’ Daughters of Khaine (part 2) with Chuck Moore.

I’m attempting to publish the schedule in advance and you should have noticed this image popping up in YouTube, Twitter and/or Facebook;

Maybe Not As Exciting Investment

Your Patreon support doesn’t just let me live like a rockstar splashing cash on boats and mansions, I do invest it back into the channel. Recently I added two new pieces of technology to the channel: a scanner to help me bring all the new rules like Broken Realms into videos for list discussions, and an Elgato StreamDeck. 

The StreamDeck is a flash piece of technology that Twitch streamers love to use. It’s not integrated YET into my streaming software, however; they’ve recently announced an integration soon. So you might see some flash transitions or other things once I get this StreamDeck up and running.

What Have I Been Up To

There is always plenty going on with me. Not only have I been smashing the new Assassin’s Creed Valhalla on the PS5 but I’ve also started up a new Daughters of Khaine army which I’m doing for Armies on Parade 2021 as well as recently run a 1 day Age of Sigmar event called Sigmas. It was mostly an opportunity to bring 30 players together for some Warhammer before Christmas. It’s been a while since I’d seen my community.

December ’20 Update


The channel gained a number of new supporters over November and I’ve since added you to the End Credits of each video. The order of the credits is based on your Patreon level and duration of support. The list will continually be updated should you increase, decrease or cancel your support.

Using some new data that Patreon has provided me, I’ve been able to update many of your Discord profiles to have the ‘Patronage’ tag. You’ll have access to a private room and highlighted in the top of the members list as channel supporters. If you’re in the Discord and don’t have the tag, reach out with your Discord name and I’ll update you.


We had plenty of videos produced over November with the return of Down Under Sigmar with my new co-host Clint, list discussions on Sons of Behemat, Ossiarch Bonereapers, Maggotkin of Nurgle and the White Dwarf rules for Jaws of Mork (Squigs). 

Buckets, one of the Assistant Coach level Patreons cashed in his episode request to run a Community Spotlight on the Russian scene. It was awesome to hear about the similarities and differences in our communities.


There is lot to talk about in Age of Sigmar thanks to Broken Realms: Morathi. Currently there is 7 videos planned for December including BR Slaves to Darkness Idolators, Har Kuron, Daughters of Khaine & Idoneth Deepkin. 

I’ll be catching up with Vince Venturella of Warhammer Weekly fame to look at the other Sons of Behemat tribes, scheduled a Hobby Hangout for Christmas/Boxing Day depending on where you are in the world, and have the next episode of Down Under Sigmar locked in with the current Australian Master: Mat ‘The Mayor’ Tyrrell.

On AoS Coach YouTube page you can find the schedule for your timezone and set the reminder so you can catch it live.


November was a busy month for me. I’ve just returned from a 2 day Matched Play event in Canberra finishing 3-2 with Sons of Behemat. Not bad for a first showing with a new army. I also submitted my display board up for Armies on Parade 2020. Check out my Twitter or on Discord if you want to see more images.

October ’20 Update

How is it seriously October already?! Here is what has happening and about to happen on the channel;

Dice Bag Launch

A few months ago I started the process of developing the first official AoS Coach merchandise: a dice bag. It’s been a long time in the making and COVID slowed down the prototype reaching me for quality assurance. Long story short, I love it and it’s officially launched. It is a pre-order window for 2-3 weeks so if it is something you want, I recommend jumping in now;

 🛒 AoS Coach Dice Bag No Pockets: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/879405229/aos-coach-dice-bag-no-pockets  

🛒AoS Coach Dice Bag with Five Pockets: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/878991869/aos-coach-dice-bag-with-five-pockets  

🛒 AoS Coach Mega Dice Bag: https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/878472101/aos-coach-mega-dice-bag 

Patreon Thank You Updated

The Patreon thank you end credits has been updated to reflect the latest supports. If you’re wondering how this list is organised it’s based on Tier Level then Historical contribution. 

Upcoming Content

Probably cheating here because these two videos are coming up  in the next 48hrs. I’ll be chatting with HeyWoah about Ogors Mawtribes as well as a hobby hangout. 

I’m thinking of October having a Tournament Organiser focus… not the only content but looking to get a few live discussions happening. I’ve got some ideas on list discussions too but I’m cautiously watching for the impacts of the upcoming Broken Realms.

Previously Released

In September you might have noticed the live content slowed down. I wanted to take a step back, try some new content which is better as pre-recorded, and practice video editing. We did have a great hobby focused discussion with Oscar Lars which I highly recommend checking out if you want to improve your hobby.

I’ll be expanding out the “What Is/Are” series and aiming to have 1 published per week in addition to any other live or pre-recorded content.


After months of planning and testing, I’m happy to share that the first Introduction into AoS video will be coming in the fortnight. It’s currently being edited. 

One of my first AoS videos were focused on getting new people into the hobby and almost 3 years later, that video has become dated… despite being popular.

I’m revisiting this video and hopefully breaking it down into easy to understand content that a new player can build their knowledge without being overwhelmed. 

Patreon Thank You Updated

I wanted to let you know that the Patreon Thank You video which plays at the end of each video has been updated. I’ve been updating it as new Patreons join… but I thought I should let you know.

A channel update will follow this post. 

August ’20 Update: Schedule + Dice Bag + Rewards


I’m back scheduling regular live content now that we have a new Generals Handbook so I’ve put together a road map of what you’ll see in the near future. 

I have a few other videos lined up including Talkin’ Slaanesh, exploring the new Squig rules from White Dwarf, and might FINALLY get a record of my Introduction to Age of Sigmar video that I’ve been working on for months. I tried to record it last week but lost my voice mid-record. SIGH

If there is something you’d like to see explored… let me know in the comments.

Dice Bag

The prototype AoS Coach dice bag has been made and I’m pretty excited. It’s being shipped to me in the coming days from the United States. I’ve partnered up with Greyed Out dice bags (who I previously bought a pretty sweet Bad Moon bag from) and will set-up a limited run. 

Once I’ve received the prototype, I’ll look at setting up a 4 week window where you can place your order with Greyed Out. I’ll announce more information in the near future.

Patreon Rewards

COVID-19 has made it hard for me to post out Patreon rewards, however; Australia is slowly gaining access to the rest of the world again. You might recall 2 months ago I updated the channel logo so I’ll be sending new logo stickers out.

  • New Patreons: I’ll be aiming to get your welcome packs out to everyone who has qualified for their rewards in September. 
  • OG Patreons: If you have already received a welcome pack, I’ll be aiming to send another pack to you in September which will include the new logo and something special for your ongoing support.

I’ll also include two new stickers: Cool Stormcast & Love Squig. Both of these emoji’s are exclusive reactions in the Discord and thought it would be a fun addition to your carry case.


…and as always, if you haven’t joined the AoS Coach Community Discord server I’d love to have you involved: https://discord.gg/xVAks8q

Almost August?!

I don’t know about you but I swear working from home just blends the days and weeks together. How on earth are we almost in August? Anyway, I owe you an update!

Formal Patreon Video Appreciation

About 30-60 days ago I started to include this video roll at the end of every video as my way to show gratitude for your continual support.

If you are wondering how the list is ordered, it’s based on Patreon level then historical dollar contribution. As new Patreon’s join, I update the video. Thank you again for your ongoing support!

Technology Enhancements

Since the last update I’ve used the Patreon contributions to make a few enhancements. I have upgraded my video editing software to Filamore 9, I’ve bought a new light box to share hobby progress on Twitter & Discord, picked a chromakey/green screen for a future project and today ordered a new webcam. While the Logitech c920 has done well for me for 2.5 years, it’s time to increase the quality of video.


Between June-July ‘20 the channel hit a number of big milestones. In June it reached 5,000 subscribers (as if today it’s 5,400), and in July the videos have generated over 325,000 views. Very soon I’ll have uploaded 150 videos which is crazy.

Video’s & Schedule

Now that the Generals Handbook 2020 has been released, I’ll be looking to schedule a bunch of discussions. If there is a specific army you think needs some love, let me know.

Over the last few months I’ve uploaded a bunch of discussions either about the GHB20, list discussions like my recent chat about Lumineth Realm Lord list building, or other topics that might interest you such as 5 years of AoS, sportsmanship, and kitbashing & concerting.

On the schedule I have an Asian Warhammer themed discussion in 3 weeks which I’m excited about. I’ve got another Lumineth list building show to do focused on the battle cattle, and want to continue revisiting older army builds in the Talkin’ series.

I’ll start to lock in some shows and share a schedule update with you in August.

Other Stuff

All things are going well my way. I’m preparing for my annual tournament which is scheduled for October, however; where I live has seen a 2nd wave spike of COVID recently. We’ll see how we go at suppressing the cases and with any luck, I can continue to run my event otherwise I need to push it into 2021.

I mentioned that I’m working from home and I’m fortunate that I’m able to do my day job remotely. Next week I start my boxing training up again which I’m looking forward too. Most of my hobby has focused on Cities of Sigmar as well as a Sons of Behemat display board.

As always, I hope you are doing well and staying safe and healthy. If you’re not already in the Discord, I highly recommend you join (https://discord.gg/xVAks8q). We have over 500 members now across the world which has been amazing to connect with so many of you, see your hobby, and talk about various things.

May Update

Upcoming Schedule

I’m currently in the process of scheduling the upcoming videos for June ’20. I’m speaking with a few other people on topics, however; here is a sneak peak…

All of these shows will be uploaded as a podcast 7-10 days after they were initially recorded.

Channel Enhancements

Thanks to your ongoing support I will be making an additional investment into the channel. The first investment I’ve just ordered two Elgato Key Light’s which will improve the quality of the video aesthetics. 

The next investments I’ll be making in the near future is some video editing software. One of the reasons I haven’t recorded my Introduction to Age of Sigmar series is because I don’t believe I have the right software to make the video that I think the topic deserves. 

AoS Coach YouTube channel is 50 subscriptions away from hitting 5,000 which is a huge milestone. I might need to celebrate… any ideas?

Dice Bag

Keep some of your hobby dollars aside because in the coming month or so I’ll be setting up a limited edition run of AoS Coach dice bags. I’m currently working with a talent graphic designer to create something special and partnered with a dice bag manufacture who will bring it all to life. I’m not planning on holding inventory so once we’re ready to go, I’ll open orders up for a few weeks for a limited run.


I’ve been sharing plenty of hobby photos in the Discord channel (https://discord.gg/xVAks8q). I’m working hard behind the scene for my tournament that I’m running in October which includes 3D printing about 400 pieces of terrain like these wild mushrooms.

My personal hobby has been working on Cities of Sigmar while I wait for Sons of Behemat (Gargants) including a Dreadlord on Black Dragon using the Carmine Dragon, Scourgerunner chariots using the High Elf Lion chariots, and a few more rocket batteries.

Thanks To You: Discord Server Boosted

Hi All,

I hope you’re all doing well, safe, healthy, and stocked up with toilet paper. I wanted to provide a small update since I spent some of the Patreon monies.

The AoS Coach Discord has been going off like a frog in a sock so I’ve put some money behind it to improve the audio & video quality. People have been jumping in while they hobby to chat with others online, keeping them company while we’re physically distancing, and learning about each other. It’s been really enjoyable learning about you all.

The Discord server has been boosted for the next 12 months thank to your ongoing patronage. 

We also saw Audam & Rocco live stream Age of Sigmar through Tabletop Simulator live on the Discord. It was so great that I’ve picked up my copy in Steam and plan to learn how to use it.

Finally, I’m putting the final touches on Emerging Meta March & will be recording this weekend on Faction Focus Tzeentch. I’ll also put the audio of my discussion with Martin Orlando about creating great display boards up as a podcast soon.